Gray Gables Railroad Station

Gray Gables Railroad Station


Gray Gables Station was built for the personal use of President Grover Cleveland during the years of his presidency of the United States, 1893 – 1896. Cleveland’s summer home in Bourne, Gray Gables gave both the Village and his personal station their names.

It was during the four year interim between his two non-consecutive terms as President that Grover Cleveland purchased the property from the Tudor family on Monument Neck in Bourne. The Bourne area had been recommended as a summer retreat by his friend, actor Joseph Jefferson, for its “good fishing”.

When Cleveland was elected in 1892, for a second term as president, Gray Gables became Cape Cod’s first summer White House. The depot had a direct telegraph line back to Washington. Two of the five Cleveland children were born at Gray Gables, and the family discontinued their residency in 1904.

For a time, the station was a flag stop, being used by Cataumet and Pocasset students to travel to the high school. It was moved to the Aptucxet Trading Post grounds in 1976.