Calling all volunteers!!
We are asking for your help in 2016 !!

For information on volunteering to help the Bourne Historical Society, please call 508-759-8167, or Email: BourneHistoricalSociety@comcast.net

Just bring a smile and your willing spirit … we’ll provide the projects and resources.

Volunteer Opportunities allow those who can give a few hours each week, or one or two hours once in a while for a special event, a chance to feel part of a fun-loving community of interested and interesting townspeople who have joined together to celebrate our unique place in the history of our country.

Do you remember being a chaperone on a school field trip to Aptucxet Trading Post, or going on that trip as a child?

We need adults to be Docent Tour Guides…training is available so that you could learn to provide an interactive, inquiry based tour experience for visitors to Aptucxet Trading Post Museum Complex and/or the Exhibition Hall at the Jonathan Bourne Historical Center. Sometimes we just need an extra pair of hands to help our staff during special tours.

Maybe you’d feel better working behind the scenes as a clerical assistant on an as needed basis for special projects.

We’d love to call on you to spend some fun time with us stuffing envelopes, organizing files, assisting the staff with preparatory work for meetings. These projects are periodic , so there is no set amount of time, we appreciate whatever time you can offer!

Maybe you love to tell/read stories to children or teach them simple songs from the Colonial days, we are looking for you to join us and share your gift with others we have events that could use your expertise.

We’d like to create a Scavenger Hunt that families can have fun with together. Any ideas? Volunteers?

Do you know how to sew? If so, perhaps you’d be willing to work on simple costumes for special events.

Colonial cooking is another skill that we ‘d love to demonstrate on a regular basis using our open hearth fireplace at Aptucxet. Rug braiding and spinning and weaving demonstrations would be welcome during special events or more often if possible.

How about the Salt Works? We’d love to get our replica which was restored by the teachers and students at the Upper Cape Voc/Tech School working again so that we could really demonstrate the process to visitors, but we need your help!
Are you a fan of the Railroads in our area ? Do you have an interest in the history of the Gray Gables Train station located now on the Aptucxet Museum grounds? Care to learn more about Grover Cleveland and his Summer White House and share the story with others?

There are also projects that involve surveying historic properties in town , oral history projects and research projects using materials available on some fascinating topics. Are you aware of the St. Michael Window, Henry Vaughn, Charles Raleigh, the Bourne Stone, Archeological artifacts found at the Museum site and the Dutch Connection? How about Joseph Jefferson and Rip Van Winkle ?

Let us know when you are available and we will find a way for you to be part of this exciting opportunity to give a little of yourself to your community and have fun doing it! There is nothing like the feeling you get when you do something for others!!

Please, respond with a YES by email or phone. You won’t be sorry, and we will be grateful!