History of Bourne from 1622 to 1937 by Betsey Keene
$21.00 plus $3.95 postage and handling

Recommended to all who desire to become better aquainted with the early events which transpired roundabout this Cape Cod town.

Bourne By Gioia Dimock

$19.99 plus $3.95 postage and handling

From Pocasset to Cataumet
$20.00 plus $3.95 postage and handling

The origins and growth of a Cape Cod seaside community.

Bourne Village
$10.00 plus $3.95 postage and handling

An Oral History — honest recollections of people who reflect the heart and soul of Cape Cod as it once was.

Memories of Monument Beach
$10.00 plus $3.95 postage and handling

An Oral History —- The reader is treated to an on going story of expansive and often suprising history of Monument Beach from the 1800’s foward to today.

Bournedale The Forgotten Village
$20.00 plus $3.95 postage and handling

Book incorporates the words of local men and women as they describe each other and themselves. It ofters a remarkably clear portrait of the time period in which these people lived.

Bourne: A Pictorial History

$35.00 plus $3.95 postage and handling

Books may be purchased at the Trading Post Gift Shop, Bourne Historic Center, or by mail.

Mail orders to:
Bourne Historical Society, Inc.
P.O.Box 3095
Bourne, MA 02532


Jonathan Bourne Historic Center
30 Keene Street
Bourne, MA 02532
(open Mondays and Tuesdays 9:00am to 2:30pm, Wedneday 6:30pm-8:30pm)